What are Ex Movies? I got the link in my DMs this morning and thought it would be a revenge porn site. The genre’s a really fucking hard sell these days with the growth……


What are Ex Movies? I got the link in my DMs this morning and thought it would be a revenge porn site. The genre’s a really fucking hard sell these days with the growth of the #MeToo movement, so I can’t say I was all that surprised when the site turned out to be something else entirely. So what do you think it is? A collection of former movies who have turned their lives around, or maybe a library of example films? Come on; I wouldn’t be reviewing the joint here at ThePornDude if you couldn’t beat off to it, so it’s obviously something a lot better. sprouted up at the beginning 2021, and they’ve rapidly been picking up steam over the last few months. They get nearly 10,000 visits a day, though that in itself doesn’t tell you much about what kind of smut they’re peddling. To be honest, it’s hard to sum this one up in a sentence. This free tube offers a mix of softcore erotic Indian movies and a growing collection of pornos worldwide. It’s kind of an unusual setup, but as long as it makes my dick hard, I’m going to be happy.

Sexy Sex Scenes from OTT Sites
When I first pulled up the ExMovies front page, I thought there’d been some kind of mistake. Surely, they meant to send me a different link, because this place doesn’t look very porny at all. It gives off more of a lo-fi Indian Hulu vibe, the front page full of thumbnails advertising short films and webseries. It feels pretty solidly SFW until you look a little bit closer; it isn’t the hardcore smut Americans are used to, but there’s an erotic edge to the content.
One of’s biggest gimmicks is free content from Indian OTT sites. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it stands for Over-the-Top, referring to delivering your content over your existing Internet connection. Basically, ExMovies is serving up softcore from a few dozen Indian Netflix-type services.

On the front page alone, they’ve got the full Charmsukh WebSeries from Ullu Originals, the newest episode of Vampires from NueFliks, and a short film called Back Pain from XPrime. Based on the thumbnail of a dude and a babe in bed, I have to assume they got back pain from humping. The red-tinted preview image from Rajsi Verma’s Dark Lady is cleaner than the usual smut I review here, but the big-titty Indian MILF does it for me.

There are a couple of dropdown menus in the header listing the different OTT sites and video apps ExMovies is sourcing content from. You know, as a dude who’s usually seeking out the most hardcore of hardcore porn, I’m a little embarrassed by how few of them I recognize. They’ve got movies from sites like CinemaDosti, EightShots, Feneo Movies, FlizMovies, GupChup and Hotshots, just to name a handful. Come for the 11UpMovies, stay for the Hootzy flicks, and maybe take a gander at the M-Prime erotica. Don’t neglect the App Videos area, with selections from M-Prime, iEntertainment, and Rabbit Movies, among others.

Hot and Fresh, All Day Long
Like any good free tube, is updated many times a day with fresh material. The dozen episodes and short films on the front page were all added today. I spent ten minutes watching a recently uploaded video called Pool Fashion from BindasTime Originals. It stars an absolutely fucking gorgeous Indian chick hanging around the pool, switching from a dress to a bikini and giving the camera fuck-me eyes the whole time.
Like everything I’ve seen so far on the site, the scene was sexy but didn’t feature any real nudity. Fortunately, that isn’t universal on the site. Case in point: another of today’s new additions is a 13-minute short film called Rose Solo from Uncut Adda. As suggested by the title, it features an Asian babe whose name may be Rose holding a rose as she strips completely naked and touches herself.

Things got even hotter when I flipped through to the next page, where I found leaked content from sites like OnlyFans, Playboy Plus, Brazzers and JAVHD. I feel like I don’t need to describe that stuff to the average PornDude visitor, but for the uninitiated, I’m talking about stripteases, webcam masturbation shows, high-end pornstar group sex, and gorgeous Japanese chicks getting stuffed with dick.

There’s even hentai in the library, as I discovered on page three. This joint is full of surprises! The first bit I ran into was the full 4-episode run of Mistreated Bride. Don’t give a crackhead crack if you don’t want him to smoke the stuff.

The Ex Movies focus feels a little loose at times. You’ve got Brazzers interracial scenes sandwiched between Bengali amateur MMS leaks and softcore NueFliks fashion videos, Hindi sex films beside Korean lesbian romps and OnlyFans fingering movies alongside Urdu makeout sessions. The Models dropdown menu is a handful of Indian babes, though, like Aabha Paul, Gahena Vashisth and Mahua Datta. It’s almost as if they started as an Indian tube and then thought, fuck it, let’s include all kinds of fap fodder. I ain’t complaining!

Take Some Scandals Home with You
The full library at Ex Movies contains a mix of hardcore and softcore material, but you can skip to some of the harder stuff by clicking the Adult Movies button in the header. I say “some” because this section is only 12 pages. For whatever reason, most of the porn is filed outside of the Adult Movies section.
I’d noticed some amateur pornos and MMS scandals on the site, but those ain’t really what you’ll find under Adult Movies, either. In fact, the category largely consists of Korean sex flicks, with a smattering of American films, French erotica, and a handful of hindi flicks to keep with the overall Ex Movies theme.

One of the most recent movies in the category is a 93-minute Korean porno called Yulyi and Seulyi. It’s well shot, professional, and the starlet is gorgeous. It’s fairly softcore, though, with no dicks or pussies seen even during the doggystyle scene. As a jaded masturbator, the emphasis on softcore material was one of my least favorite things about Ex Movies.

The movies do stream smoothly, though. On a lot of tubes that feature premium content, you’re often stuck watching Tetris-quality rips that need to buffer every few seconds. I didn’t have any streaming issues, even bumping up the resolution to 720p HD. (I think 720p is pretty last-gen at this point, but it’s better than what you’ll find on a lot of piracy tubes.)

Another major perk at ExMovies is that you can download any of the movies. I expected the usual file-host download setup you get on full-movie tubes, where you have to wait hours to download anything thanks to throttled speeds, but that didn’t happen. I downloaded Yulyi and Seulyi in 720p in just ten minutes. There was a weird discrepancy in the file size, but I don’t know what to make of it; the download page claimed it was 2.87 gigs, but it was actually 702 MB.

Suppose you’ve looked at ThePornDude list of Free Porn Sites, or you’ve just done your own masturbatory research. In that case, you know that most free tubes have an anything-goes philosophy, hosting damn near anything legal in the hopes of attracting every type of masturbator around the world. ExMovies may feel a little bit loose in their focus, but they’re focused enough that it feels like they’re courting a specific demographic. If you asked me, I’d say is aimed squarely at Indian perverts, as well as anybody who loves Indian women.

If that describes you, you’re going to love ExMovies. They’ve got an ever-growing stash of sexy movies from Indian OTT sites, mixing it all up with a nice injection of amateur porn and leaked premium content. It doesn’t cost a cent, and you can save anything you like for later. What more are you looking for in a free Indian tube?

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