Epic Afri’s got “Epic” right there in the name, self-proclaiming their site to have some truly grand and remarkable pornography. Big-headed brags are nothing new in the business, but how many of those other sites have a shit-ton of big black cocks to sling around in every single video? Honestly, I’d be intrigued even if they said they just had mediocre African smut, but they got me on the hook with the awe-inspiring name. Epic!

But is it truly epic? That was the obvious question as I pulled up EpicAfri.com, a premium joint full of amateur flicks straight out of Africa. Most of the black paysites I’ve reviewed here at ThePornDude are ebony-themed fuckfests based in the United States, but this is one of very few that takes it back to the motherland. They launched earlier this year and have steadily been growing in popularity, so naturally, I wanted to get inside and take a look around. I just finished my morning bowl of Cap’n Crunch with Viagra Berries, so now seems as good a time as ever.

Surprise! This Stuff is Premium!
When I first pulled up EpicAfri, I really thought it was a black free tube. You’ll have to excuse the confusion; it’s just that I see very few African paysites, and the tour page fits the free-tube mold. As soon as you land, you’ll see a simple header, followed by that wall of thumbnails you’ve seen on a million porn sites before.
Of course, the content here isn’t quite what you’d find on your randomly selected anything-goes sex tube. First of all, I only see different shades of black on all that slapping flesh out front. There’s some milk chocolate, but since this is African and not American ebony porn, there’s a lot more rich, dark chocolate in this dessert shop of the sweetest sweets.

There’s a nice variety of porn subgenres available, and you can usually tell from the thumbnails that this is some real native stuff. There’s a MILF getting double-dicked beneath some palm trees, a black babe getting her pussy eaten out in village bush, and a dude fucking a chick doggy style in the trees with the title, Fucking My School Principal’s Daughter. I also see home, hotel, and dorm videos of hungry 69s, chair-mounted fake dongs, dildo-armed lesbians, and college threesomes.

The illusion of EpicAfri.com being a free tube continued until I tried to click on a first-time lesbian experience out in the jungle. I got a message saying, “This video is only available to registered members.” Depending on where you click, there are a couple of different messages you might see, but the message is always clear: if you want to see anything, you’re going to need to bust out your wallet.

Show Me What You’ve Got, EpicAfri
EpicAfri calls their membership “Epic Premium,” an overly fancy title that seems to imply there are some freebies on the site. Sure enough, once I looked a little bit closer, I did find a few free amateur black porn videos to check out. You’ll have to sign up for a free membership to check them out, though, and then look around for the rare Free labels.
Epic Premium will run you $27 a month for the standard membership. That’s a few dollars less than your typical paysite, which I’m sure you penny pinchers will appreciate. The longer memberships get even better, with a 3-month for $51 or a 6-month for $79. (Weirdly, the six-month option says it bills yearly. I have to assume that’s a typo, though I’d be happy if it weren’t.)

I’ve got some even better news that goes along with that. The sign-up page claims you get the first month free, but there’s a $5 sign-up fee. In other words, the first month is just five bucks. And however you want to slice it, that’s a fucking good price for 30 days of paysite access.

EpicAfri.com has a slightly different membership setup than most paysites. You’ve got to register an account first and then upgrade it to Epic Premium. I know it’s just one extra step, but I bet they’re losing a few customers along the way. When consumers expect things to work a certain way, it’s not necessarily a good idea to start switching things up. The free membership does unlock those free videos I mentioned, but let’s be honest: most cheapskates would prefer not to sign up or log in because they aren’t going to pay anyway.

The sign-up page has a checklist of perks, many of which are the same things you see everywhere, like ad-free browsing, video previews, and high-quality images. That’s great and all, but it’s expected. I’m more excited about the content volume: they claim they’ve already got a hundred thousand African amateur videos. That’s fucking crazy for a site that hasn’t been online all that long and makes me even more curious to see what’s on the inside.

Is It Really as Big as They Say?
When I got signed up and logged in, the first thing I did was to look for those 100,000 movies they mentioned. The problem is, it turns out that number is just absolute fucking bullshit. Maybe they say it because, theoretically, this site may grow to the hundreds of thousands, and members will have access. As it is, though, the collection size stands in the hundreds.
The dropdown menu in the corner of EpicAfri’s interface gives you quick access to the most popular sections, like Ebony, Lesbian, Hardcore, and Threesome. But instead, I clicked the Browse All button, which brought me to their master list of Categories. It’s a couple of dozen subgenres like Eating Pussy, Double Penetration, Nigerian Porn, and Kenyan Porn. And beside each niche, it lists the actual number of videos.

The Ebony section is the biggest, with 99 videos, and Hardcore comes in a close second with 84. There are 72 Outdoor pornos, but the rest of them are pretty small. You can fap to 6 Student flicks, 3 Orgies, 3 Anal, or a whopping 2 Uniform videos. Add up all the numbers, and you get a few hundred totals, far short of the hundred thousand listed outside.

EpicAfri.com was registered just a few months ago, so a couple of hundred movies is a pretty decent stash. That said, it’s some pretty blatant bait-and-switch bullshit to claim they have 500 times more than that when they’re asking you to pony up some cash. If I had paid the full price, I’d rightly be fucking pissed. Good thing for that intro month, huh?

Real Black Amateurs Having Real Sex
EpicAfri is one of the only porn sites I’ve ever seen, free or premium, where there’s no way to view the collection in order of upload date. There’s a Recently Featured section, which may be the same thing, but there’s no way to know since there are no upload dates anywhere. I can’t even tell you how fast this site is growing.
I had to start my fap test somewhere, though, so I chose the first one in the Recently Featured section. It’s a 15-minute amateur movie called Three Huge Dicks Is Not Enough For This MILF. Surprisingly, it doesn’t star your mom, but some big, healthy mama out of Africa. It’s a semi-outdoor scene, opening with the titular MILF strolling into a structure made of palm fronds. A couple of seconds later, three dudes come in, pull her onto a bamboo mat and take her clothes off.

She starts with a dick in her twat, but soon sits up to give head before getting drilled again. The camerawork is amateur and a bit sloppy. Still, I can’t get over how nice the video resolution looks as the shot shakes around, keeping that crisp, clear penetration at roughly center screen. She’s got a shaved muff, and these dudes all love rubbing her belly as she’s getting the business. As she got finger cuffed, I looked for a Download button. Alas, EpicAfri.com doesn’t do downloads, so you can’t save shit.

I have mixed feelings about EpicAfri. They’re one of the only sources for this type of material, which will be a big draw all by itself. But, again, that first “free” month is a fucking bargain, and the regular price is fair if they’re updating on the regular. (I can’t tell if they are.) Still, I’m pretty fucking annoyed they lied about the number of videos, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking of signing up. If nothing else, I think that trial is worth taking advantage of.

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