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DiorEscorts sounds like it’s got to be full of some really high-class sluts, but what’s really in a name? I mean, sure, they can borrow a name from a prominent, expensive, luxury fashion designer, but I’m not sure just anyone can turn it instantly into their own brand of magic. Gianna Dior certainly made it work for her, but how many unknowns have languished in obscurity despite tacking on a famous name. (By the way, if you haven’t seen me banging Gianna over at PornDudeCasting, you’re missing out on some prime smut!)

Today, though, we are not talking about smut. I guess if you were hard up, you could definitely beat off to the samples, but DiorEscorts.com was designed to promote Dior Escorts, a London-based escort agency with nearly a decade in the business. Longevity counts for a lot in an industry like this one, and so does their visible popularity: the site gets over 60,000 visitors a month. That makes me wonder just how many dudes are actually getting their dicks wet through the site, and well, I just kind of fell down the rabbit hole from there.

These Escorts Sure Do Take Nice Selfies
When I first saw the DiorEscorts link, I assumed it would be another massive escort directory, the kind I usually review here at ThePornDude. They’ve got a similar setup to the nicer ones out there, with a front-page just full of grade-A babes selling their services to lonely or bored dudes like yourself. Then I read the little blurb about the agency itself, and the whole thing fell together. It arguably makes it easier to navigate than the other sites because there’s just one contact number to meet any of these chicks.
There are other perks to going through DiorEscorts instead of the big directories. For one thing, every chick on the site has 100% real photos, descriptions, and stats. That’s a really big fucking deal because of all the potential for scams in the world’s oldest industry. I usually devote a paragraph or two to telling the newbs to do some homework first and be careful. Well, you should still do that, for sure, but this takes a fair amount of the guesswork out of the equation.

Oh, and let’s talk about those real photos for a second. This is the sample material I mentioned in the intro. The blurb on the front page brags about how they’re the first agency to offer “selfie escorts” because they know their girls are hot. Now, I don’t think this claim is precisely valid; all the best escort sites are packed with pictures and videos, but Dior Escorts gave their photo galleries a funny name. That said, there is a nice uniformity to the samples, which I assume are produced in-house and not really the homemade shots we associate with “selfies.” Almost all the escorts have great galleries of pics and videos here.

On the same topic, those pics depict a remarkable amount of beautiful diversity. Little flags below the front-page thumbnails show you where the chicks are from. Most of them are from Eastern Europe, with a handful from Russia and England, plus a few gorgeous Latinas from Brazil. These beautiful women come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. What are you in the mood for tonight? A blonde MILF, a curvy dominatrix, or a busty young brunette? There are even some babes on the DiorEscorts.com roster - a whole section of them - who work as a duo if you’re up for some tag-team excitement.

Better Than an Old-Timey Brothel
One of the things that really strikes me as I browse Dior Escorts is the size of this operation. I’m only slightly less overwhelmed than I am when I’m browsing those all-inclusive escort directories with tons of agencies and independent pussy-slingers. I counted 153 different escorts to choose from on the front page, so I hope you’re not one of those folks who gets utterly paralyzed by choice. (I know, I know--you’d love to bang them all, but who’s got the time and money?)
So how the fuck’s a horny gentleman supposed to choose? Well, to make it a little easier, there are a couple of other ways to browse the selection besides just scrolling through the front page. One way is by hitting the Locations button up in the DiorEscorts.com header. That’ll give you a long list of places like East London, Shepherds Bush, Earls Court, and Notting Hill, letting you home in on the localest of local whores.

For my money, the Types menu is more enticing. I prefer to see a nice, advanced search engine on escort sites, one that’ll let you dial in all your preferences like Age, Body Type, Hair Color, and the different kinky shit you’d like to do tonight. The Types menu encompasses many of the things I want to see in an advanced search, but you can only choose one tag at a time. (Though, in fairness, Dior Escorts is considerably smaller than the big-ass sites with thousands of escorts around the world.)

One of the things I like about DiorEscorts.com is that they take so much guesswork out of hiring an escort. Not only are you just dealing with one agency with one phone number, but the site gets specific about services and prices. So instead of worrying about tricky metaphors for the kinky shit you’re looking for, you can just select a Type like CIM (Cum In Mouth), OWO (Oral WithOut condom), or Fisting (you know, when you stick your fist in a babe).

Oh, and while I’m on the topic of prices, it’s worth noting that Dior Escorts has babes whose services start at £100. Well, that’d be for a quickie, of course, and there’s a whole section of 30-Minute Girls if that’s what you’re after. Naturally, the rates go up from there, and you can expect to spend a pretty penny for a top-shelf overnight stay that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Helping Find ThePornDude a Taste
I was looking for just a little extra T&A with my regular helping of T&A, so I started my DiorEscorts search by clicking Curvy under the Types menu. That brought up nearly 60 escorts to choose from, their thumbnails making my mouth water and my dick harden right away. Truthfully, though, I’d already had my eye on this chick Caprice, who showed up at the top of the search results. The cute-faced, well-endowed blonde was smiling at me out on the main page, too, so I clicked my way back to her profile for the fourth or fifth time.
Caprice’s gallery alone is worth a fap, so why wouldn’t I want to meet the lovely lady? Scrolling past the pics and the selfie video, I explored her stats. She’s 5’9”, Eastern European, and 24 years old. The About Me section is even more titillating because that’s where I found out she does 69, deep throating, and roleplaying. She’s even got a few freaky outfits available: nurse, secretary, police lady, schoolgirl, or headmistress. I might just transform into a naughty schoolboy later.

Oh, and here’s another place where DiorEscorts takes the guesswork out of this whole business. They’ve got a ton of user reviews available. If you’ve read any of my write-ups of escort sites, you know it can be an easy dealbreaker when a site doesn’t have user reviews. I wouldn’t buy a goddamn pair of headphones off the Internet without reading what other buyers had to say about them, so why would I buy some pussy without reading a review or two? It’s just a great way to get a sense of what you’re getting into. (Caprice has a bunch of 5-star reviews, in case you were wondering.)

I went into this review thinking I’d just spin by, take a look around and give my opinion on the setup. But, now, I’m wondering if I should take a little business trip. Dior Escorts has some beautiful women working under their banner, and they’ve streamlined the process of meeting them. It certainly sounds a hell of a lot better than another night of blue balls and Tinder, doesn’t it?

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