Porn Ditos aka Culioneros! I’m in the mood for something spicy today. I’m not talking about some new habanero salsa down at the local taqueria, although maybe the fine-ass Latinas in that place are what got me in the mood. No, I’m talking about horny amateur babes from south of the border, the kind of Latin sluts you can find at Pornditos. has been around since 2011, showing off some of the hottest Spanish porno in the world. These broads have some of the biggest asses, hugest titties, prettiest faces and most out-of-control libidos you’ll find anywhere. The Pornditos domain is in English, but they also go fully native in a Spanish version at This ain’t a Western repackaging of muy Caliente Latina porno; this is hot smut coming straight from the source.

Latina Cock-Smokers and Teen Nymphos
The landing pages for both Pornditos and Culioneros are identical, and honestly? They’re both going to get your cock all engorged with the wealth of horny babes on display in all the thumbnails. You don’t necessarily need to be able to read the text like, “Follow me with your cock,” or “Your tits are huge” to appreciate what’s going on here.
Without clicking a goddamn thing, I see lithe little teen babes opening wide to get a taste of cock, nasty chicks spreading their twats on the bus, as well as pretty faces with braces on their teeth and semen all over their cheeks, nose and a little bit in their eyes. Better grab a tissue or something, babe. There are blonde chicks and brunettes, a couple with little tits to interrupt the wall of thick bitches, plus a few gorgeous Ebony broads as well.

One thumbnail shows this teen nymphette with her ass hanging out, just aiming that bubble butt at the camera and giving a seductive look over her shoulder. She’s on what looks like a public bus, and the scene title is, “Hope you cum everywhere.” Well, I have a feeling I’m going to as soon as I click the Play button.

Unfortunately, Pornditos/Culioneros is doing the standard bait-and-switch thing that so many premium sites are doing these days. Instead of playing the video, the Play button takes me to a goddamn sign-up page. Everywhere else in the entire world, that sideways triangle engages the media you’re trying to consume. I guess it shouldn’t come as too big a surprise that pornographers play by their own set of rules.

Latina Porn in the BangBros Interface
The sign-up blurb that hangs over the preview I can’t watch says registration is only a dollar if I want to get in and jerk off to this public Latina scene. That is true, at least technically. That buck will earn you a two-day trial membership, though it automatically renews at an inflated monthly rate if you don’t cancel.
The real price to sign up for Pornditos is about 30 bucks a month, just like it is on every other premium porn site these days. Like other sites, you can score a cheaper rate if you’re willing to shell out the cash for a full year of Latina blowjobs, cumshots and experiments in indecent exposure.

I didn’t realize this until I got signed up and logged in, but Pornditos is a BangBros site. They’ll throw some upsell offers at you on the way in. Incidentally, if you’ve been wondering whether a full BangBros membership is worth it, I’ve got a full review up here at The Porn Dude. (Spoiler alert: it’s totally worth it, at least if you love hardcore pornography.)

Once you get logged in, you’ll be dropped off at the central BangBros members page. If you’ve just signed up for Pornditos/Culioneros and none of the other BangBros content, that’s what you’re going to see here.

Pornditos is actually a mini-network of premium Latina sites, and you can see the full list of the smut you signed up for by clicking the little grid in the left sidebar. You get 10 websites with your membership, including Chicas de Porno, Chiva Culiona, Mi Primer Porno, and Nalgas Grandes. As a dude who isn’t allowed to go back into Starbucks on account of multiple incidents, I’m fond of the public fucking at Sexo en Publico.

Amateur Latinas Getting Fucked On Video
One of the first things I like to check out is how often a premium site updates. A good paysite should give you new smut to jerk off to at least once a week, in my opinion. Pornditos was updating with new redhead blowjobs and amateur doggystyle movies a couple of times a week for a while, but lately, it looks like the content has gone a little stale.
Unfortunately, the most recent update was added nearly 3 months before I wrote this review. Up until that point, they were adding at least two a week, so I’m not sure what the fuck happened. Altogether, the back catalog contains around 500 explicit Latina hardcore movies.

On the other hand, I’m definitely happy with the most recent Culioneros upload, a little something called Fucking Tight Amateur Pussy. The half-hour flick opens with an interview with English Latina Jasmin Jae. There’s a slight language barrier, as she barely speaks Spanish and the interviewer barely speaks English. When she lifts her ass towards the camera and starts taking it all off, her striptease speaks the universal language of sex.

Jasmine says, “I get horny performing for the camera,” with a little giggle. That becomes even more apparent when the fucking starts. It’s a gonzo scene with the cameraman doing both the pounding and the filming, holding the lens up close so we can see the penetration in full 1080p HD. Dude is wearing a raincoat, which ain’t my favorite way to get down, but people tell me that is sometimes the responsible thing to do.

We do get to see some stationary camerawork at one point when she’s riding him on the couch. The angle is alright, but kind of amateur. I guess that’s kind of the point, right? Quite a lot of the material at Pornditos is that professionally produced “amateur” smut that straddles the line between DIY fuck flicks and the stuff coming out of Los Angeles. It’s raw, dirty and real, but without the sloppiness, ugliness or shortness of genuine DIY fuck movies.

OMFG, Risky Sex In Public Places!
I knew I had to dig into the public sex videos during my visit to Culioneros, so I worked my way over to their Sexo en Publico section. The top-rated scene is called Huge Naturals Get Fucked outside, starring Anastasia Brill. The Romanian goddess does, indeed, have some huge, real knockers that I’d like to see bouncing in a public situation.
Holy shit. The cameraman follows Anastasia and the horny stud as she starts sucking his dick near a busy road as cars and bicycles ride by. Soon, she’s riding on his shaft, watching the traffic and giggling at how close everybody is. I can’t understand what the cameraman is saying en Espanol, but at some point he says, “Fucking crazy,” in English. Yes, and sexy as fuck!

Members can download zip files featuring photos and screen caps from every movie. Better still, you can even download the videos in a range of resolutions without an upcharge. You’d better believe I saved this one for my permanent spank bank. Anastasia clearly gets off knowing anybody driving by might see her, so why not help an exhibitionist bitch out and beat off while watching her work?

This really is some of the best public sex I’ve seen in a while, and might well make up for the lack of recent updates. Overall, the amateur/pseudo-amateur Latina content here is top-shelf, with beautiful women who all seem to have overactive sex drives and a real talent for depravity.

With the BangBros interface driving the whole thing, Pornditos/Culioneros is a fine option for fans of unknown Latinas in all kinds of naughty situations. As of this writing, the content has gone a little stale with the lack of updates, but I truly hope they get back to putting out the dirty, sexy movies that currently make up their entire back catalog. I highly recommend it to fans of public sex, though general Latina fans will find more than enough to get their rocks off repeatedly.

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