CamWhores! Do you like adult XXX cam shows? How about whores? I know you like TV at the very least. Cam Whores is a site that combines the traditional live cam show ……


CamWhoresTV has tons of sexy cam whores ready to fulfill your every fantasy. If you can afford to tip, that is. If not, do not fret. You can skip the bullshit and just enjoy the user-uploaded content. At Cam Whores, there are over 7,000 pages worth of amateur pornography.

Whether you like sexy teens making themselves orgasm with giant dildos, or more mature Latina sluts getting fucked in every hole, you can probably find it on Cam Whores. Unless you like the extreme, hardcore, fringe stuff. The content on this site is relatively tame compared to some of the darker corners of the web.

Have a favorite cam girl that you want to keep up with? Want to discover a new favorite cam model? The site’s chat feature will allow you to just that. Connect with hundreds of fellow cam lovers from around the world. And, who knows, maybe your favorite cam-slut will be chatting there too!

There are some downsides to the site though. But you won’t know what they are unless you read my review. Are they enough to be a deal-breaker for you? Will be your new go-to site when it comes time to fap? Read the fucking review to find out!

Is the Ultimate Cam Site We’ve All Been Waiting For?
Finally, a halfway decent database of recorded webcam videos. If you’re anything like me, you get tired of sitting around with your cock in your hand, waiting for these live cam girls to finally show a tit (or maybe even a pussy lip if you’re lucky!). More often than not, though, unless you’re willing to shell out some cash, you’re usually stuck clicking through a bunch of live videos of mostly-clothed chicks just sitting around doing really boring shit, like eating lunch or—even worse—making small talk.
Live and Pre-recorded Content: The Best of Both Worlds
At CamWhoresTV, you get the best of both worlds. You can either cut through all the bullshit and find just what you’re looking for in their robust database of user-uploaded content, or you can try your luck (or your wallet) with their sizable selection of live girls (1,939 online when I checked). Also, don't forget to check out my " private videos bypass tutorial" for those that can't wait to see ALL the videos!
The interface for their live video chatroom will be immediately familiar for anyone who has used other cam sites, such as Chaturbate or Myfreecams—live video stream on the left, chatbox on the right. Pretty standard, and you can definitely have a good time if you care to spend the money. Although my personal philosophy on that has always been, if I’m gonna spend money for some bitch to show it off for me, I’d rather just go to the strip club and get a lap dance. But, then again, most strippers aren’t going to let you watch them squirt all over the room with their panties shoved in their mouths; so, to each his own.

I fucking loved the user-uploaded content on the other hand (the fapping hand). There are tons of really high quality and well-produced amateur videos available for free on this site. So, if you’re into the homemade stuff, Camwhores will be an oasis for you—much easier to find top-notch amateur content here than on one of the larger, more general xxx tube sites.

There’s also a decent range of content on Camwhores. Within 10 minutes, I saw a surprisingly hot fairy nymph with glowing wings and pink hair riding a dildo, a sexy Asian gothic slut fingering her asshole in a trench coat and leather boots, and petite little brunette pretending to be a kitten, licking on a cock. That being said, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot on this site for fans of the really extreme, hardcore stuff. You’ll have to go to Motherless for that…you fucking pervert.

Don’t Go Whipping Your Cock Out Quite Yet…
While the range of content and interactivity is great, one major downside to the site for me is…the site itself. In addition to having a lackluster, somewhat dated looking design, it tends to be a little glitchy and slow—clicking on pages doesn’t always work, or it will take a few minutes to load content sometimes.
Obviously, there are a lot of potential factors that could be playing into this, but I did load a few videos up on Pornhub as well with no problems, so I have to assume it has something to do with the Camwhores server itself.

There are also a couple of misleading click-through links that take you to other cam sites when you think you’re being taken to a particular model’s chat room. And, what makes this even more annoying, these are the largest thumbnails on the homepage. Couple that with a couple of first-click popup ads, and I’m officially pissed. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Nobody fucking likes fucking ads, you fucking retards!

Phew, glad I got that out of my system. Now, where were we?

Oh, right. The only invasive ad to speak of on the site is an iStripper who pops up in the corner of your screen and dances for you, fully nude, pussy poppin’ and all. And, as far as invasive ads go, at least that one won’t deflate your hard-on.

Classy as Fuck and Class-Act Ass Fucks
One interesting aspect of the site is a live chat box in the middle of the homepage. Here, all of us porn addicts and dirty old men can share whatever we want, in real-time. I was half-expecting to see nothing but attention-thirsty trolls and scam bot assholes looking to make a quick buck.
But, alas, I was pleasantly surprised. It looks like there is actually an engaged and civil community of fellow pornophiles discussing their favorite cam girls and sharing links and updates on shows. I, personally, have little to no interest in chatting with a bunch of dudes on a porn site…but, hey, whatever tickles your prostate, princess.

Okay, Feel Free to Fap Away
Aside from a couple of annoying setbacks (the clickthrough ads, slow loading times), I give the tramp-stamp of approval. All in all, this is a site that is geared more toward the adult cam connoisseur than your run-of-the-mill wanker foaming at the mouth to bust a quick and easy nut.
And I can definitely respect that. Maybe I’ll even fap with my pinky out today…Nah, on second thought, I think I’ll just go with my usual, The Stranger. Keep it classy, scumbags.

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