BadDaddyPOV.Com is a fantastic website filled to the brim with high-quality masturbation videos of gorgeous chicks who want to call you daddy. If you’re into those kind……


Bad Daddy POV! Oh fuck yes, let’s talk about some kinky shit. You know I like to get real nasty on this site. BadDaddyPOV is a really fucked up website with some primo A-class role-play videos that are all about pretending you have a daughter that wants to fuck you. Well, it’s not that fucked up. It’s just role-playing like you get in the bedroom. I know I’ve fucked a lot of bitches who called me daddy before. It’s some sort of fantasy they have, and I have to say it gets me hard as nails too. So, if it works for me and serves her daddy issues, I’m all for it. That’s what BadDaddyPOV is all about.

They’re here to give you a never-ending supply of disgusting and depraved little girl on daddy POV videos that are sure to make you feel like a masterful pervert in action. All the videos are filmed from the perspective of the daddy, obviously. You’re the daddy, and you’re going to spank your whore of a baby. All these bitches are role-playing like there’s no tomorrow. They really get into the role. It’s not like the videos are just set up to have a backstory. The whole content is supposed to feel like a depraved fantasy. If you’re into this kind of smut, then you’ve found your next holy land. Oh, and if by some chance you’re also into chicks wearing diapers, well, BadDaddyPOV has got you set. Isn’t this fucking awesome?

Jerk Off Instruction Play
A ton of these videos feature solo babes lying back on a bed, spread eagle, and rubbing the ever-loving shit out of their vaginas while they scream in pleasure moans. It’s a classic format. I’m all for it. The more bitches we’ve got showing us their pussies, the better. Add to that formula the daddy play, and you’ve got 90% of the videos on BadDaddyPOV. The whole point of these jerk-off-instruction videos is that they guide you through the lonely night – they’re catering to you personally. It’s not like they’re pretending you’re in the room with them. That would be a bit immersion-breaking. Fuck that.
Instead, you get a far more believable experience. The bitch moans her baby daddy talk into your ear, especially if you’re wearing headphones – I recommend it. She’s also rubbing her clit vigorously while she forces herself to orgasm for you over and over again. Oh, and of course, she wants you to cum with her. That’s the whole point of these videos.

If you’re the kind of guy who needs a fucking hour to get close to an orgasm, then these are the videos that are sure to milk you dry. Hell, even if you’re not necessarily into the whole daddy play, these videos are still top-tier acting. I adore this kind of immersive action. Yes, watching penises enter vaginas is fun and all, but sometimes a man needs a bit more of a connection. Don’t judge. It’s not gay – I just want a woman to tell me she’s cumming for me exclusively. And if she wants to call me daddy, well, that’s just icing on the cake.

The Bitches
I’ll start by saying this – I didn’t see any recognizable A-listers on BadDaddyPOV, and I could not give a shit about that. All the triple-A faces in porn are just chicks who managed to climb to the top with no real talent. They coast on their perfect asses. And sure, I like it when my bitches are perfect 10s, but I’d rather have a 9 who knows what she’s doing instead. Do you know what I mean? These girls are not the perfect models you’re used to seeing on PornHub, but they’re in the ballpark of perfect pussy. Plus, they’re talented as all hell. You can tell that they were hired for their role-play talent. That’s what exactly I want to see on a fetish site, especially if that fetish involves actual acting.
These girls will have you believe that they’re in love with you. Hell, by the time you’re done jerking off, you might get so wound up you forget they’re not your actual daughters. Don’t worry; the videos do a great job reminding you that this is all make-believe. Every video starts with a short textual disclaimer, reminding you not to fondle your actual daughters. Imagine that. These girls are so good at acting like they’re thirsty for daddy’s cock that you need a disclaimer to remind you that this porn is actually all fictional. That’s how you know that what you’re about to watch is some hot ass shit. It fucking comes with a warning!

The Video Quality
It’s a bit of a catch 22. On the one hand, all of the videos are crystal clear and very well recorded. On the other, they’re all streamed in 720p. However, they’re all available for download in several sizes, up to 4k. So, you’re free to keep them as 4k videos and watch them locally, but you can’t stream them in 4k. That’s a bit of a weird judgment call, but hey, I get it – they don’t want to waste bandwidth. They’d rather have you download the videos than rewatch them over and over again.
I see this as an absolute win. Remember, you’re on a paid subscription. It would suck if you lost access after the subscription was up. If I were you, I’d download every single video that’s incredibly arousing for me because why the fuck wouldn’t I? They’re hot videos, the resolution is extreme, and the girls are really talented. Smash that download button like there’s no tomorrow.

The Website
I give it 4 boners out of 5. It’s dark, it’s sleek, and it’s easy to find your way around in between all the menus. You can check out a list of all the models, see the most recent scenes or check what everyone else on the site considers the hottest content. It’s all par for the course; you’ve seen it a thousand times before. It’s nice that they let members comment on the videos. I always consider feedback to be a nice touch. If you’re especially opinionated, you can share your opinion about the smut. Who knows, BadDaddyPOV might even take some cues from you.
The video streaming is great, and the site is very responsive, but they’re clearly not optimizing their online video player for jumps and skips. Every time I tried fast-forwarding to the good stuff, I had to wait a few seconds before the video buffered. It’s crystal clear at this point - you’re better off downloading this smut instead of streaming it. Luckily, the download speeds are a lot higher when you try to grab the whole video straight to your PC. I got around 2MBps when I tried downloading a huge ass 4K video. I can’t complain. A full-length 4K porn clip ready for fapping in about 15 minutes is not a bad deal.

Hell, if you wanted, you could just nab lower-resolution copies and have them on your PC before you’re done lubing up your fleshlight.

My Verdict
This is a hot ass site, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to all fans of daddy play. They’ve also got a lot of high-quality diaper play, though there’s no scat as far as I can tell. The diapers are there to reinforce the whole daddy-daughter dynamic. It’s all acting. But, it’s quality acting. These girls moan “daddy” with so much passion and love in their eyes; I’m damn sure they all need serious psychiatric help. I hope that someday you get to bang a woman who calls you “daddy” with the same passion these babes do. Try not to fall in love with them. They’re very convincing.
All right, let’s talk numbers. BadDaddyPOV is available for $1, with two days of access. That’s a great way to feast your eyes on their content without a long-term commitment. I recommend that you start with the $1 tier because you get full access to their entire library. Why the fuck wouldn’t you give it a shot? If you’ve already made up your mind, though, you can get a long-term membership for $60. That’ll give you access to the site for a whole year. After that, the regular price is $30 a month. I’m a little on the fence about this type of discount, but if the business model works for them, who am I to judge? Bottom line – they’ve got great babes who do a great job playing horny daughters. Fap away, daddies. And don’t forget: It’s all one big fantasy.

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