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Aunty Maza! When I want to spice up my sex life, I turn to Desi sluts. Man, nobody can ride a cock and throw together a curry like these babes. I swear, that pussy gives off a whole different kind of heat. I come up for air and my lips are fucking tingling afterward. Seriously, you betas need to get out there and get with some Indian babes. Keep telling yourselves that boring missionary sex is what everyone else is doing. Ditch that white babe who fucks worse than your pocket pussy and get you a Desi babe with passion. Why do you think you always see Indian dudes in forums asking for “bobs'' and “vagene.” These guys are surrounded by walking talking sex goddesses every minute of their day. I’d be horny as fuck too.

Now, let me temper your expectations. I’m not a miracle worker that can convince an Indian dimepiece to come over and deepthroat your cock. That’s what money is for. But I can sate some of your appetite for horny Desi girls by showing you This site is all about amateur Indian porn. We’re talking about mobile videos, homemade scenes, and all of that good shit. This site is pretty fresh off the presses, having only just launched recently. So, you can be one of the first fappers to blow your load to the content on this site.

Simple Site Design with only Two Categories to Browse
It’s a bare-bones site design. It’s not going to win any of you over in terms of graphics, branding, or anything modern or sleek. It’s about as simple as it gets. Fuck, there’s barely a header. You can flip between “desi MMS” and “hot web series.” And those are the only sorting options you’ll have while you’re here. No, really, that’s it. You can use a search bar, but I wouldn’t put too much faith in it since so many videos here have names like “desi girl shows tits.” Yeah, a search isn’t going to go a long way.
The only difference in the options is that the “hot web series” section shows videos that have multiple parts, while the “desi MMS” option gives you everything the site has to offer. Again, you can’t sort by upload date, view count, popularity, or anything like that. You’ll be stuck scrolling this catalog at random. It’s not too bad since the catalog isn’t massive. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not as skim as other sites. But you’ve only got 40 pages of videos with 20 videos per page. That means you have around 800 hot videos to jerk your dick to.

Nearly 1,000 Amateur Desi Videos to Fap to
It’s a generous selection that could use a few filter options, but I don’t think you cucks will be too lost. It’s not like there are loads of sections or anything. All of the content is shared between these two sections. There will be ads. Sorry, you’re simply going to have to suck it up and deal with it when it comes to free content like this. These guys have to recoup those server costs somehow, right?
At least the ad clutter isn’t too bad. You get banners and loads of on-page video pop-ups while browsing, but I didn’t experience any redirects or pop-unders. So, I’ll take that over the alternatives. Some free tube sites like to bend hit you with ads that block your vision more than a JAV slut getting bukkaked. It would be nice for them to add a dark mode to Auntymaza at some point. It can be a little straining on the eyes, especially on the full video pages where there’s a ton of negative space.

Clunky Site with Bare Previews & No Filter Options
Enough beating around these bushy babes. Let’s talk about the sexy previews of busty aunties getting plowed. You don’t get a ton of information, but there’s not too much information to give you fucks in the first place. You get the title, view count, and upload date. That’s it. No tags. No video length. Nothing like that. Man, I wish they’d at least tell me how long these videos were going to last. I need to know if I'm settling in for a multi-hour jerk sesh or a quick few-minute video.
Most likely, it’ll be the latter. These are all home videos that don’t often last more than 5-10 minutes. You’re not getting high-quality productions or 4K UHD content. And the same goes for the preview images. You get a random screenshot from the video. It doesn’t show a slideshow or give you a little clip, as some sites do. You’ll have to make do with what you’re given. But I wouldn’t complain too much since you’re getting all of this fap-worthy content for the low, low price of completely free.

Download Any Video on the Site for Free!
Simply click on a preview to get bumped over to the full video page, where you can enjoy a huge video player. I had to zoom out to see some of these vertical videos in their full glory! Hit play and you’ll be off to the races. You can jump around to different points in the video, adjust volume, or download the entire damn thing for free. That’s right, you sex-starved cucks can download any video you see here directly to your spank bank with no strings attached.
The mobile version of Auntymaza was fine enough. It’s not like they had a ton of features to port over. You can browse the catalog of Desi sluts without issue. It’s formatted well, and you can easily full-screen videos. Now, the ads were a bit worse on mobile. You will have to wade through redirects and pop-ups. But, hey, that is the price you pay for taking amateur Indian sluts on the go with you.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features
I’m a super for Indian sluts. There’s nothing like taking a Desi babe home and fucking her until the sun comes up. I swear, these girls know how to fuck better than anyone else. And these amateur clips are so goddamn good. You fappers will be drooling when you see these hot dimepieces strip down and show you the good shit. And Indian amateur content is always on a different level. It’s not fake amateur shit like you see elsewhere. This content is the real deal. You’re getting phone recordings, blurry sex tapes, and so much more.
Plus, you can download this whole catalog of videos if that’s what you want to do. There aren’t any download caps or sign-up requirements. You get unlimited access to the entire slew of videos here from the moment you arrive. Most sites would fuck you over with bullshit ads, but the ads actually aren’t too intrusive here. Get in on this action while you still can!

ThePornDude’s Suggestions
This site needs polishing. Get a real logo, add in some categories, add filter options, and sand down some of the site’s rougher edges. And, really, all of that is minor shit. The good content is already here, and the horny fappers will flock to it. They just need to make this site look appealing and put in features that will keep cucks on the site longer. Make a profile option so people can save videos for later or make playlists. Stuff like that. Other than that, they could tone the mobile ads down a bit. They do end up getting in the way and become pretty frustrating the longer you browse.
ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts
Overall, will have you bastards occupied for hours with its robust catalog of hot Desi porn. This is real amateur porn that you simply won’t find anywhere else. And you better get it while it’s still here. Amateur content like this has a way of disappearing fast. While this site can be rough to browse, it’s still got all of the basics in order. You can browse a large catalog of nearly 1,000 videos and download as many as you want without signing up or breaking the bank. I recommend heading over and giving this new site a look! You’ll have more hot Desi content than you’ll know what to do with.

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