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Do you have an ASMR Fantasy you’d love to hear indulged in a pair of headphones? There’s something fucking magical about a woman whispering right into your ears, or hearing her touch herself in high-end binaural audio. If you combine ASMR with good old-fashioned pornography, you can enjoy that manual dick stimulation while getting buzzed by electric tingles and druglike euphoria. Goddamn, maybe they were right: I didn’t need to huff duster all day long to feel this way! is the first premium ASMR porn site I’ve found, and I’m pretty fucking excited to get in there and start looking around with an expensive set of cans swallowing my ears. The brand was launched as COVID-19 first began forcing us all into hiding, uploading their first audio-enhanced bit of smut in February 2021. For such a new site, they’re getting a shit-ton of attention, with around 3,400 visiting the domain every day. Part of that enthusiasm may just be the novelty of ASMR pornography, but wait until you see the names behind this aural smut-peddling operation.

ASMR Porn from the Smut Peddlers at AdultTime
The ASMR phenomenon didn’t even have a name until 2010, but the videos have really taken off in a big way over the last few years. YouTube is definitely the biggest source of the stuff, with over 13 million SFW ASMR videos as of 2018. While the Tube has a good share of fapworthy fantasies and lip-smacking noises to get your cock hard, I bet you perverts are more familiar with the thousands of homemade ASMR porn movies on PornHub. The cosplay chicks and Instagram models killing it on OnlyFans during the pandemic have only strengthened the genre’s hold on the masturbating public.
Which brings us to ASMR Fantasy. To be honest, I expected the first ASMR sex paysite to be some hole in the wall put together by a lone fetishist hiring no-name girls off the church bulletin board. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be AdultTime, who I’ve mentioned here at ThePornDude more than a few times. The premium porn network is known for putting out good material, and a fucking ton of it.

Those high-quality standards you expect from AdultTime are on display right from the tour page of ASMRFantasy, and it only gets better once you get inside. I think the tour page actually sells them short, because if you don’t recognize Angela White and April ONeil smiling at the camera, you might not realize right away that they’re working with some top-shelf pornstars. AdultTime consistently features some of the hottest names in the business, and their ASMR brand has already showcased slutty, gorgeous girls like Alina Lopez, Kira Noir, and Eliza Ibarra. Jesus fucking Christ, just take my money already!

250+ XXX Channels for the Price of One
If this is your first time hearing about AdultTime, man, you’re in for a fucking treat. Alright, here’s the deal: your membership to ASMR Fantasy is actually just a small part of a full-fledged premium porno network. The regular price is the same thirty bucks you usually pay for just one paysite, but your ticket gives you access to over 250 channels, including well-known porn outfits like Evil Angel, Mr. Skin, Pure Taboo and Girlsway.
Keep your eye out for even better deals, too, because they’re always running specials. I’m reviewing the site early in December, and it looks like they’re running a Black Friday special offering 30-days streaming-only for just five bones. Go slow when you hit that signup page, because sometimes a bot will offer you up to 50% off when you first get there.

You’ve probably already figured it out from my description, but yeah, a membership with download access costs a little more than just streaming. That’s probably the main downside of AdultTime in general, but the main issue a lot of you will have with ASMRFantasy in particular is that it’s only got 6 movies as of this writing. This is balanced out by the fact that AdultTime has over 52,000 videos in the collection. I typed “ASMR” in the search bar and got more than 40 movies back.

On the same note, AdultTime updates at least 8 times a day across the network, but few of those new uploads are part of the collection. The audio-enhanced porn is more of a niche offering, so the movies come out sort of randomly, with no apparent schedule. They uploaded one last week and another a month before that, but sometimes months pass before another ASMR flick comes out.

High-End Audio, High-End Sluts
I wanted to get the absolute most out of the ASMR Fantasy movies they’re pushing, so I put away the Sennheisers and brought out the big guns: a pair of HiFiMan Sundara planar-magnetic headphones. Some people think I’m some kind of audiophile, but really I’m just a deeply committed pervert. I wouldn’t have invested in these bad boys if I didn’t think they’d help me get my rocks off into a crusty gym sock.
There’s a nice mix of scenarios offered in the half-dozen ASMRFantasy movies, and I love how they work typical ASMR tropes into full-on pornos. Angela White gives the viewer a full-body physical exam in their first movie, and they followed that up with a lesbian body massage administered by Alina Lopez. There’s an exotic threesome with Kira Noir and Eliza Ibarra, and the newest one is a MILF fantasy with Silvia Saige.

I don’t usually gravitate toward the solo shows on a porn site, but Lizzie Love’s smile in the thumbnail for Trying On Outfits For Our Date is booth sweet and sexy. I like the intimacy offered by ASMR, so it seemed like a great place to start my fap test.

“Hey you,” whispers Lizzie as the movie opens, the mic picking up all her little mouth noises, breaths and lip smack. “I’m so excited about our date later. I’ve been thinking about it all week. There is one thing that I need help with before we go, if you don’t mind. I’ve been having some trouble picking what outfit to wear. Maybe you can help me.” Don’t mind if I do!

Get Your ASMR Tingles with Full Release
Lizzie’s voice started making my skin tingle right away, sending little shivers down my arms and giving me goosebumps. For the first few minutes, she shows you the different clothes and lingerie she’s going to change into. They’ve got a great mic, as I expected, so you can hear the soft fabric moving around in her hands and gently brushing the bed when she sets it down. She whispers about what she likes doing on dates, including wearing short skirts and feeling your hand on her bare leg.
Clips like this really demand a girl with at least some acting chops, because she’s selling the GFE. Lizzie does a fantastic job, enhanced by beautiful brown eye contact with the camera and that incredible smile. It feels intimate as fuck, so when the clothes start coming off, it really feels like she’s doing it just for you. I love the sound of her clothes unbuttoning and slipping off of her skin.

Lizzie starts playing dress-up by getting fully naked, letting us see the full package. She’s got a lovely pale complexion, nice natural tits and a 100% grabbable ass. She comes off playful as hell as she pulls on a skirt and turns around on the bed. “I think my titties might be too big for this one,” she says, giggling. “Sometimes, they fall out.”

The movie shifts gears around the halfway mark. Lizzie talks about how she loves seeing you jack off, which naturally leads to some self-love on her end. Taking everything off again, she starts rubbing her shaved twat for the camera. You can hear her fingers moving against her girl parts, which make more and more ASMR Fantasy noise as she gets wetter.

Up until now, ASMR smut has been the domain of amateurs shooting home movies on their webcams. With, AdultTime brings their high production values and big-name talent to the genre, and it’s every bit as good as you’d expect. It’s a pretty slim library of ASMR-enhanced dirty movies so far, but the collection is rounded out with access to the full, sprawling AdultTime porno network. Check out the cheap trial if you’re not convinced. This one’s a fucking steal.

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