A good Asian Webcast is kind of a magical thing. It’ll let the most sheltered, socially inept weeaboo neckbeard connect with a beautiful Korean chick on the other side ……


A good Asian Webcast is kind of a magical thing. It’ll let the most sheltered, socially inept weeaboo neckbeard connect with a beautiful Korean chick on the other side of the globe. Through the glory of the Internet, you can experience a mind-blowing orgasm while watching a woman way the fuck out of your league take off her clothes and touch herself. Sure, there’s a little self-service required on your end, but I guess you could always ask mom for some help if your hands are too tired from all that GTA Online.

Yes, it’s hard being a basement dweller, but this site will make it a little easier by letting you play out some of your wet dreams and daytime fap fantasies, at least vicariously. Hell, you don’t even have to be a weird-ass fedora-wearing virgin to get into this stuff; even well-adjust perverts love a good Asian peep show, and that’s precisely what you’ll find here. describes itself as “The best Asian webcast recording video platform,” which is just a fancy way of saying they’re a premium site full of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese webcam porn. The format’s slightly different from your typical JAV site, so let’s take a closer look and see what makes them tick.

Let’s Watch an AsianWebcast
If I’m honest, I have some really mixed feelings about the landing page. On one hand, most of the presentation seems fully modern, with cute little icons in the header that remind me of the present-day social porn sites like OnlyFans. On the other hand, holy fucking shit, what’s with that fucking header? The girls in the image are pretty, but it’s a low-fi image, all stretched out and pixelly like some bullshit Grandpa uploaded to Geocities back in the ‘90s. The joint doesn’t even have a real logo; instead, printing Best Asian Webcast Video in plain text on top of those poorly focused ladies.
If you can ignore the header, though, everything looks good. It’s almost comical how bad the very top of the page looks compared to the rest of it, but come on, guys. First impressions count for a lot, so I bet they’re losing potential customers with that shit. Still, those willing to stick around and do a minimal amount of scrolling will find that the prognosis improves immediately.

And like a lot of other porn sites, the front-page selection on AsianWebcast is broken down by categories, with a handful of thumbnails presented for each. Now, if you’re used to fapping to JAV sites, you’re probably expecting a massive index of crazy-ass subgenres like Schoolgirl, Socks, Bus Molester, Uncle, but it’s a bit simpler here. Instead, they’ve got a nice range of Asian porn styles, split up into just half a dozen categories.

So, what can you expect to beat off to at There are Korean BJ videos, Cosplay pornos, and Chinese BJ movies to start with. But, of course, fans and regular consumers of Asian porn already know about all the goddamn censorship issues, so allow me to break the good news: Asian Webcast has a growing library called JAV Uncensored Leaked, where you can find exactly that. Yes, ladies and gentlemen and perverts of all legal ages: AsianWebcast features a ton of uncensored Asian movies where you can see the whole show, without prudish pixels protecting the pussies and penii. That’s such a big deal that I bet a bunch of you hit CTRL+F to skip to this part of the review. But, hey, uncensored vaginas are one of the first things I look for on an Asian site, too!

Stop By and Get Some XXX Freebies
Before you get to the Korean BJ and Chinese BJ vids out front, you’ll probably notice the section at the very top. It’s going to be especially interesting for the cheapskates and the tourists because you can dip into this section without busting out your credit card or even signing up. That’s right; the Free Videos section has an excellent selection of free Asian porn to get you all primed and ready for the whole shebang.
Naturally, I wanted to take in a freebie before I sprang for the full ticket. So I clicked the first thumbnail on the screen, a pretty, pale-skinned Korean girl kneeling on a bed. Much to my chagrin, I waited and waited and waited for the video to load but ended up staring at a spinning wheel for a minute. I had better luck with the second video that I tried, another sexy Korean BJ video that opened with the girl shaking her teats and wiggling her toes for the camera. It isn’t a short, forgettable glimpse either; this is a half-hour recorded webcast - definitely long enough to get your rocks off to.

There’s a lot of talking in a language I don’t speak, so I skipped ahead a bit. There’s a lot of topless dancing, ahegao faces, and titties getting oiled up. Towards the end of her Asian Webcast, she hops onto an unseen masturbation toy and rides it, her whole body gyrating. You don’t see any poon, though, so it’s pretty softcore stuff.

And while it wasn’t the super-explicit hardcore porno I’m used to watching around here, I was still intrigued enough to see what it would cost me for a full membership. So I made my way to the VIP signup page to see what my options were. And well, at $19 a month for the regular plan, AsianWebcast is cheaper than most other paysites out there.

They’ve even got a yearly package that breaks down to under six bones a month and a Permanent VIP membership for $99. That’s even less than I charge for lifetime access over at PornDudeCasting, even though you don’t get to see my handsome face here.

There’s a checklist of perks for each membership tier, and each one says it includes “Videos Unlimited Download.” Maybe there’s something lost in translation because their definition of “Unlimited” isn’t exactly the same as mine. Still, it will be more than adequate for the majority of users who aren’t power downloaders. Monthly subscribers get a hundred downloads a day, annual members get 200, and the Permanent VIP pass holders can download 500 Asian Webcast movies a day.

Spanking it to Prerecorded Asian Webcasts
By the numbers,’s JAV Uncensored Leaked section is their smallest, with just four pages of videos. Cosplay’s a little better with five pages, but you’ll find the most Asian Webcasts filed under Chinese BJ (40 pages) and Korean BJ (a whopping 254 pages). And if you slice it up, you’ve got your pick of thousands of Asian movies to shake your dick at.
Since the Korean section is so fucking huge, I figured it’d be a good place to start my official fap test. I loaded up the latest video added to the pile, the simply titled Korean BJ 090821.2039. By the way, most of the titles are vague like this, and there’s really not much in the way of organization or tags. If you’re looking for specific content, you may have some digging to do.

It is a hot video, though, at least when it gets going. The 27-minute flick opens with the girl setting up her camera beside her bed. I skipped around a bit, and she’s weirdly off-camera for much of the beginning. It heats the fuck up about halfway through when a dude appears on screen, and we move into the 69 territory. The camerawork isn’t great, considering this is a webcast, but it’s hard not to be turned on by the raw sexuality on display, especially when the girl looks so fucking hot.

I think I may have lucked into one of the better videos on the site. My biggest complaint, and I think the most significant potential dealbreakers for viewers, is that much of the material is relatively softcore by modern standards. Of course, that pretty much comes with the territory when we’re talking about Asian porn, and a lot of you are already used to it, but it’s definitely something to be aware of if you’ve never signed up for an Asian paysite before.

So, is AsianWebcast worth the twenty bucks a month? Well, probably, at least if you like Asian girls and the webcast format. These guys give away a lot more free material than the average premium joint, enough that I debated whether I should refer to them as freemium. I recommend digging into the free bin first, and if you find that you need more, the entire show is pretty damn cheap to get into.

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