Asia Movie Pass is overwhelming in both variety and size. It is a true mega XXX site featuring purely Asian porn (mostly Japanese), and any lover of the kinky Asian porn will find a home on this site. There is a wide range of movies; hardcore, soft-core and porn covering many kinks and fetishes. With over 43,581 full DVDs to stream and download, few sites even come close to matching this site in sheer quantity and quality.

The site may as well be renamed to Japanese Movie Pass as a huge chunk of the porn here is Japanese. Action features some of the finest AV models and amateurs from Japan. The Japanese make some pretty quirky porn, and the filthiest of the bunch is up for grabs at Asia Movie Pass. Scenes mainly cover the bukkake kink which involves a group of grimy, horny men around a pretty young lady (mostly tied up and sometimes fully clothed) who deposit loads of hot jizz on her face. Whether you derive erotic pleasure out of watching women having their pretty little faces drenched in loads of spunk, it is entirely upon you.

The action is available in plenty of other categories as well. Head over to the left sidebar where some of the categories you will find include futanari strap-on, cum on hair, deepthroat, dirty old ladies, lingerie, orgy, school girls, among others. There are also pretty bizarre categories like cum drinking and cum sucking, bizarre WTF and much more to complete a fantastic line up of the best of what Asia has to offer. This site is among the best and is apparently hell-bent on helping you to unlock your favorite Asian porn extravaganza. My experience digging through this huge archive was made a lot easier by the categories.

The site has been around for 15 years and boasts unrivalled quality. Some of the older videos may have lower quality, but the newer ones are available in HD, encoded at 1080p. Regarding updates, AMP is again well ahead of its peers, with 20 new full DVDs added daily. Expect to see hot Asian babes posing, sucking cocks, drinking from glasses of semen and being creampied with load after load of sticky cum in some of the kinkiest porn on the entire internet. The Porn Dude has a little word of warning though; the action is pixilated, and while you will see the dudes blasting off, genitals have been censored in accordance with Japanese laws. Credit to the site though, they try to add uncensored porn at every given opportunity and users will find a decent collection of uncensored porn to jerk off to.

The Porn Dude was impressed by the site’s download speed, and members will be sucked into porn DVD after porn DVD. Glance at a cover that piques your interest and you will be shown both the front and back cover where you can also read a blurb about the action before proceeding to download or stream. Besides the amazing quality, you can skip ahead or back with minimal fuss. The load time is almost instant, and most DVDs run for over 100 minutes. However, few of the DVDs are divided into scenes, and the action is mainly one long video. There are limited previews as well which will make it a bit difficult to tell what sort of scenes a particular movie contains.

That said, this site may as well have the biggest collection of Japanese porn on the internet. Most of the DVDs are over 1GB which is to be expected considering they are full DVDs. Blu-ray HD is available as well, and you can find them in their own special category. They are gorgeous as fuck, but some file sizes can be over 4GB at times which means you will need to create both time and space.

The bukkake section hosts exclusive content, although plenty of other scenes that are non-exclusive. The pricing is competitive considering what you are getting: try the $4.95 for 3 days access while monthly subscription goes for $29.95. Other options include $59.95/90 days or the $9.95/month for 10 months. The site guarantees unlimited downloads, fast downloads, and 930 new DVDs a month amongst a host of other benefits. A few bonus sites are also thrown into the mix including Asian Prego, Asian Ropes, and Brokeback Asians.

You will have little trouble finding porn on AMP. Apart from the useful categories, there are tags associated with each DVD. Pagination works well, and the drop-down menu allows you to jump to whichever page you want. There is also a favorite’s option, which is useful if you don’t want to lose track of all your DVDs while rating and commenting options have also been availed. The Porn Dude’s only regret is the lack of an advanced search feature.

Simply put, Asia Movie Pass is a freaking goldmine. With a high quality and quantity Japanese porn collection, members will enjoy diverse action notwithstanding the pixilation. When you put authentic Japanese smut on the menu, AMP is as solid a site as they come.

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