3D Sex Villa 2

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3D Sex Villa 2 “Ever-Lust” is easily the best interactive sex simulator that ever existed. I know you’ve all been watching porn for a while and itching for something different, and this is it. This is your chance to indulge in crazy fantasies. The game features a countless number of excellently animated 3D sluts all waiting to give it to you, and I know how you love that.

This game allows you to choose between the different digital beauties depending on which one suits your lusty tastes. Do you love fair-haired, brunettes, redheads or exotic? They are all here in this sexy game. What amazes ThePornDude the most; is the fact that you can alter even the smallest of details to suit your needs for a perfect cyberbabe. You can change their breast size, hairstyle, add a tattoo if that’s what you fancy, and even change the pussy from shaved to unshaved and vice versa. Tell me that doesn’t excite you, and I’ll point out why your life hasn’t been exciting.

Use the innovative “Facemaker Tool” to change the features of your slut at will. Get to dress her to suit your taste. Better yet, the garment options available are practically endless. Do you have a fetish for schoolgirls? Nurses? Cowgirls? Whatever man, you will find it on this bitch of a game - All your preferences are taken care of. Once you’ve modeled a character, the changes will remain even after you leave the game and you can pick up where you left off with that particular slut. Isn’t that amazing?

And now to the sex. You can fuck your digital babe in all conceivable styles; Missionary, doggy style, blow jobs & licking, anal … you know what you love, just do it, has it all. Are you the kind of freak that loves using sex toys on sluts? You won’t miss that either. It’s upon you, give it to her, 3D style.

Perhaps you fancy this; you can have lesbian sluts fucking each other, licking each other’s juicy pussies and doing all manner of nasty. Did I hear you ask threesomes? You didn’t expect to miss that from the best single-player cyber-sex game, did you? However, ThePornDude has an issue when two or three girls are involved. You see, when its two guys and one girl, it’s easy because she could be sucking one cock and riding the other. If there are two or three girls, the dicks are replaced by straps-ons. The positions won’t change, but the strap-ons will be stroked or even sucked in what seems to me like a pointless pursuit. Am I alone here?

Fetish lovers will be getting value for money with 3D Sexvilla 2. You get exclusive BDSM scenarios which are limited to; ashes, St. Andrews Crosses, bondage, handcuffs, a gyno chair, various bound poses, dangerously powerful fucking machines and then a little some more. You may even use a paddle that will leave them like ‘ouch, that hurt’ and leave actual marks on the slut’s body. You guessed right, ThePornDude left behind a lot of marks on these 3D bitches. In here, you are what the Spanish would call el puto jefe (the fucking boss). All the true-to-life 3D sluts are ready and willing for any dirty fantasies you may have in mind. You can even launch your gobs of love juice in their mouths, on their tits, anywhere. These sluts are game and they like it. Fuck it; you can even make her pregnant if you so wish.

You can play the game in various locations stretching from what you’d expect- posh apartments, in the beach, bathroom, classroom, locker-room to the slightly more exotic- ancient ruins, pirate ship, an airplane, and more. Get to enjoy all your fantasies against a magnificent backdrop, something you only get to see in porn videos. It’s one hell of an experience. You can even earn some sex coins if you manage to bring your virtual partner to orgasm, but you will need real money to spend on your content of choice.

This game affords you a fantastic level of control. Grab the item that you chose to commit your sex act and move it along at your speed. Alternatively, you can set the slider and let the virtual sex addicts do all the dirty work on their own, at slow and fast speeds. With just a single click of a button, you can use the mouse to control the onscreen movements without having to drag the dildo in and out of the poor girl’s asshole. Actually, the mouse options allow you to have smoother control. Not only do the animations appear slick and realistic, but all the penetrations (both anal and pussy) also look extremely real. ThePornDude loves the realism in this game. The girls will even move their bodies and sway their breasts as you fuck them.

The 3D SexVilla 2 “Ever-Lust” being the best, ThePornDude feels that some of the options could do with a bit of improvement though. For starters, the control system is a bit awkward at first, and you have to get used to it. I also wish the game had more nipple options, you know, larger nipples and a bit more of the lesbian-friendly threesome positions. However, I know that these and more features will be considered in upcoming versions.

But with countless options already including richer gameplay, more realistic sex, and customization capabilities, ThePornDude thinks that its fucking awesome game, after all its not every day you play a game that includes your sexual fantasies.

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